Liberals Concoct Twitter Outrage To Attack Bernie's Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray

Some leftists, mostly online leftists, use language that is way too academic. And some mostly online leftists can be smug. Those are valid criticisms of some leftists. It is not a valid criticism of the left in general though. Most of us involved in organizing in real life have been speaking plainly and patiently educating since forever.

My question, however, was do we want you? You're coming in here talking about bernie bros and how a moderate is the only chance to beat Trump like some opposition talking head. Which brings me to my final point, and this is good advice for any leftist: unless you see this person regularly and can have months or years to deprogram them, don't waste your time trying to convince people who seem like they only want to debate you. You could be talking to someone who is already interested in learning more.

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