Liberals of Reddit, what is your most conservative opinion?

I might get roasted for this. I've been around a few MTF trans at work and social situations, it's perfectly comfortable and I have no problem calling them "she/her." The same would apply to FTM. But I actively avoid people who want special pronouns. It seems like too much to me. If you want a unique identifier, that's what your name is for. It doesn't even have to be your birth name. Plenty of people choose their own nickname by which everyone calls them.

I will note that my first experience working with a trans person, I tried too hard to treat her "normal," or like "one of my pals." What I would have considered "friendly ribbing" amongst my friends was considered bullying by her. I had to reflect on the fact that her life experience was totally different than mine, and she grew up having a ton of people bullying her, and no one doing the "friendly ribbing." So treating her with respect was not the same as "treating her like everyone else." To her credit, once I got the hang of that, we ended up being cool forever after.

It's funny, I considered myself to be a conservative growing up, but what that means (to me) has changed drastically over the years. What people call liberalism now, I view as basic common sense.

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