I lied to my parents about my grades and I might face serious repercussions

From my experience, Asian American parents tend to fall into one of two categories: Type A parents who will try to understand your mental health struggles and help you navigate them and Type B parents who will never understand or care.

You need to know which category your parents fall under. If they're type A, you can tell them you've been struggling and work to a resolution together. And if they're type B...well shit. You're going to have to lie constantly, hide your struggles, and compartmentalize your feelings of disappointing them like so many other children of Asian Americans. You're going to find it very difficult to accept that you can't ever be 100% truthful to your own parents.

You won't know for sure what type of parents you have until you tell them that you've been struggling. They can help you if they're type A, and if they're type B...well at least you found out now before you go to college where the stakes are higher.

You can't use Type A strategies (honesty) with Type B parents- they will not care about your mental health. Additionally, Type B strategies (lying) with Type A parents will end up hurting both you and your parents. If you don't figure out which category your parents fall under now, you (and your parents) are going to face more struggles and hurt until you do.

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