Life after Epilepsy

I just withdrew from depakote. I had my first two seizures two years ago.Then I was put on depakote. And I had been seizure free since then. When I was on depakote I expreinced depression, mood swings, loss of apetite and emotional instability as well. Few month ago my doctor decreased the dose gradually before ending it. And last month I finally dropped the medicine. The following week I was feeling happy and felt productive. And then I had a disagreement in family and it was minor issue. And bam! my emotional instability kicked in. And now i feel weak, anxious all the time. I have been so less productive. Thanks to corona virus I cannot leave home to be where I wanna be. Sleeps are weird. I sometime think Im having seizure while sleeping. And legs feel so weak and restless often. I know you wanted some support. But I wanted to share with someone. Sometimes I wonder all past depression and current ones are result of depakote or seizure or its just me.

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