Life is better without a car, even in subzero Detroit weather

It’s called TDS, or Transit Derangement Syndrome. It’s a terrible disorder that afflicts a small fraction of the public that:

(a) Fetishizes automobiles to an alarming degree, and perceives anyone that prefers or relies on alternate modes as “anti-car zealots”.

(b) Rejects basics facts about a region’s poor transit spending and mobility and the effects that has on the economy.

(c) Is deeply insecure about their stance on the issues, so they feel the need to vilify people who think differently as “pop-urbanist” boogeymen, even if that villain is an institution like MDOT or the Federal Highway Administration.

When you encounter someone getting outraged about a bike lane or equally innocuous thing online, do not approach them, as their rage can be quite off-putting and hazardous to normal members of society. Instead, be sure to call 1-800-LOVE-CARS to help the user reach an auto dealership safe space.

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