Life at Conception, and the ramifications.

Yes, abortion is murder. Every woman who has an abortion should be executed for murder, in those states that have the death penalty for murder. For those that don't, a woman having an abortion should get life in prison.

My sisters are murderesses, as is my mother, cousins, friends, as they have used all methods available to them to get rid of fertilized eggs. If only I can be in the execution chambers as they get their much-deserved execution. The divine justice of it. I'd love it if they were hung, which is still used as execution. It would be so scintillating and exciting, watching most of my female relatives, and female friends march up the scaffolding, maybe urinating in fear as they to to meet their fate and go to hell. Tremblingly walking up the stairs until they get to the top. The hangman (or hang-woman, let's not be sexist!!! Lot's of christian women would love to put child-murdering women to death) would lovingly put the noose around my mom's and sisters' necks. Then pull the lever, and crash they would fall and then with a nice quick jerk, their necks would break and they would dangle there, for all to see the evil that they represent. I'd also like to bring back the old days, when you just left the bodies there to rot, bloating, blacking. Many don't agree with this, but I think it would be a powerful deterrent to others. Hell, televise it, too. Let people see the wages of sin.

Yes, I want to see my mother, and sisters rotting away, so that the world can see what horrible people they are.


We could probably get records of of all the women that have had abortions, I'm sure there are some records, somewhere. We can then execute them all, the evil monsters. There would probably be tens of millions of women to execute. I mean, there's no statute of limitations on murder. We can go back way to Roe vs Wade and try to find as many murderesses as we can.

But now that I think about it, I think hanging would be too slow, though for millions of women. Some faster way, where one could execute hundreds of women at a time. Make some kind of chamber, and maybe pump some gas in there to kill as many as quickly as possible. There has to be justice for murder. Let's execute tens of millions of women. We can do it if we try.

Of course, for states that don't have the death penalty, hundreds and hundreds of new prisons would need to be built for the millions and millions of women who are murderers. The building and upkeep and food, and everything else would be tremendous, but that does not matter. People must be punished for their crimes, especially murder. Millions upon millions of women living out their lives in prison. This would be a great deterrent, and punishment for their crimes.

Do you have female relatives or friends who have murdered? Don't you wish to see them executed? You could turn them in.

We could create a specialized Abortion Police to round up murderous child-murdering women. I'm sure you are as excited as I am to have dozens of women you know die like the scum that they are. Is your mother a murderess? Sisters? They need to die, the sooner the better.


I never really thought of how abortion is murder, but thank you for clarifying the situation for me, and how we need to start a mass execution program.


(For people who do not understand satire - this is satire. I am not calling for violence against anyone. I am trying to point out the absurdity of the prior posting person's position. I'm actually saying the opposite, that the position of abortion being murder is ridiculous, although the person I am responding to might actually take it seriously and want to have tens of millions of women executed, I don't. It is satire.

I hate having to explain what I think is obvious satire, because I think it takes away from the satire, but have learned that there are many people who do not understand satire, or moreover, have any sense of humor at all. Especially many mods in many subreddits :0 Therefore, this disclaimer must be written.)

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