Life is a gamble, are you willing to bet on yourself ?

Elon Musk and Steve Jobs are horrible examples, they had literally hundreds of millions of dollars from their own companies and large networks of investors that saved them from ruin multiple times. It's easy to be pigheaded when you can spend 100,000 dollars and still not be homeless. In fact it's probably more interesting. That's not an option for 99% of people who will be reading this.

Jobs and Musk are terrible examples that aren't applicable to someone like me who has: 1. no marketable skills 2. no long term job prospects 3. no connections to investment banks or people with capital to park what so ever

I can't even work for 5 years to get the capital to put into a term-deposit to use to start off my dream. And you have the gall, the cheek to say it's a mere lack of faith!!

You had a high paying job when you quit - most people do not have that luxury. Here's a hint - who can I call right now to get $100,000 of funding for my project that I believe in, that I am pigheaded enough in my skills to persevere with? Or is there a magic ATM where I can put my self-belief and determination that will instantly give me credit to start a business?

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