Life long batman fan but new to comics. Just started a collection which should I read first?

This is my old chronological list. Do you have any idea how many times I had to hit enter on this post?

Batman Year One * Very Good. I recomend reading this right Before TLH. Sets up the characters in TLH well. 9.5/10 It's also MUCH more realistic than Zero Year

Batman Shaman* Good. A small part of it happens a little before Year One. It also has Nine of the most bad ass Batman panels ever. (Suit Up) I had to buy mine on eBay.

Batman & the Monster Men* Good. First Encounter with Supernatural.

Batman& the Mad Monk *Good. Dark Moon Rising comes with this and Monster Men.

Batman Prey *Good. Hugo Strange. He starts a smear campaign to paint Batman as a dangerous madman. Batman even questions his own Sanity because of Hugo.

Batman the Man Who Laughs *Joker first appearance. Not as good as Killing Joke. Has some pacing issues but it's a good read. It usually comes with "Man of Wood". Man of Wood is an Okay story that I didn't like.

Batman: EGO *Goes into Batman's psychology. Underrated

Batman: Dead to Rights

Batman: Tenses

Batman Gothic - *Very Good. Detective Story with Supernatural elements

Batman Venom - * Good. Batman uses steroids to make up for his failure to save someone. Becomes incredibly strong.

Batman Four of a Kind

Collected Legends of the Dark Knight

Batman Other Realms

Batman Snow

Batman and The Long Halloween *Top 3 All Time 10/10 Serial Killer Mystery. Didn't see that coming... My personal Favorite book.

Batman Dark Victory *Should be read with TLH. It's what happens next to all parties involved.

Robin Year One

Batman The Gauntlet

Batman Haunted knight

Batman Faces

Batman Terror

Batman Monsters

Batman Rules of Engagement

Batman The Cat and the Bat

Batman King Tuts Tomb *A good Riddler Based Story.

Batman Tales of the Demon

Batman The nights of the Beast

Batman Night Cries * A good Detective story with a very sensitive subject.

Batman: The Wrath

Batman: The Cult *Very Under rated. I think it's the first time we see a mentally/physically broken Batman. Not as badly as with Bane in in KnightFall but you see that Bruce isn't unstoppable. Oh, and you see Batman use tranquilizer guns/machine guns.

Batman The Killing Joke *Top 3 All Time.

Arkham Asylum A Serious House on Serious Earth *Great but Disturbing. The Inmates take over Arkham and demand that Batman come in or they will kill everyone. Batman, of course, agrees and goes into this horrible place. The art looks something out of a horror movie. Creepy. And the book subtly suggests that Batman himself might actually be crazy like them but his actions parallel Jesus unlike theirs.

Batman Death in the Family *Significant Event

Batman A Lonely Place of Dying *Good

The Joker *Good but disturbing. Probably the most realistic version of the character. Told from the perspective of his new Henchmen Johnny Frost. Joker' psychology is on display in this. His mood is like the weather. You really hope for sunshine when he's around you.

Batman: Birth Of The Demon

Batman: The Last Arkham *Good

Batman Blind Justice

Batman: Black & White *Vol 1 is Great the others not so much

The Sword of Azreal *No need to Read

Batman KnightFall Vol 1 - 3 *Only Vol 1 is great and the ending of Vol 3. Batman is pushed to his limits over about a month to the point that his basic skills start to diminish. It's an EPIC but it has some outdated corny stuff sprinkled in. I felt it got better as it went along. If they ever actually updated the art and got rid of the occasional old school/corny dialogue it could possibly be the best Batman Graphic Novel. The showdown with Bane was intense as well as some of the stuff that followed it. After the Bat is Broken Azreal (Who is Mentally Unstable) takes over. He's annoying in the second book but he has some awesome fights in Vol 1. But yeah, stay away from Vol 2. It's the thickest single volume that I have. Bane without his steroids is still strong/skilled enough to go toe to toe with Batman. He's also incredibly smart and his origin was interesting. But remember some of this book hasn't aged well. Batman Prodigal *Good. Sort of an updated companion Book to Knightfall and Knightsend where Dick has to be Batman.

Batman Anarchy

Batman Contagion

Batman Legacy

Mad Love *Classic. Origin of Harley. She comes pretty close to Killing Bruce. Batman Cataclysm

Batman No Mans Land Vol 1 - 5 *Good but VERY Long. Too long for me but lots of people like it.

Batman Evolution

Batman Officer Down

Bruce Wayne Murderer? *Good

Bruce Wayne Fugitive Vol 1 - 3 *Good

Batman City of Crime

Hush Vol 1 - 2 *Overrated. The Paul Dini Hush Books are Better. Not much of a good mystery.

Batman Death in the Maidens

Batman Broken City

Batman As the crow Flies

Batman War Drums

Batman War Games vol 1 - 3

Batman Hush Returns

Batman Under the Hood Vol 1 - 2 *Good but not Great

Batman War Crimes

Batman Face the Face

Batman Detective

Batman: Son of the Demon - Honestly You Could just Buy the volume *Birth of the Demon instead it has all three sets in one like Son of the Demon Which is usually ranked high

Batman and Son

Batman Death in the City

Batman The Resurrection of Ra's Al ghul

Batman and the Black Glove

Batman Private Casebook

Batman Heart of Hush *One of the Paul Dini Hush Books

Batman R.I.P. *Meh, I didn't like it

Batman What Ever Happened To The Caped Crusader *Good

Batman Battle of the Cowl

Batman Battle of the Cowl Companion

Batman Reborn

Batman Vs Robin

Batman Long Shadows

Batman Hush Money

Batman Life After Death

Batman Arkham Reborn

Time and the Batman

Batman Must Die

Batman The Road Home

Batman The Black Mirror *Very Good. It's not a masterpiece like TLH or DKR but it's a modern classic.

Batman The Return of Bruce Wayne

Batman Incorporated *Kind of Silly IMO

Batman Eye of the Beholder

The Dark Knight Returns (Top 3 All Time) 10/10

As a general Rule: If it's written by Paul Dini it's probably Great.

Some Elseworld stories out of the timeline:

Batman: Red Rain (Dracula)

Superman: Red Son has a Russian version of Batman (KGBat) It's not Bruce.

Kingdom Come - Batman is super old and needs a suit to even move. The world knows his identity. But his new Batsuit is cool and powerful and the story is good.

Batman: Thrillkiller - Bruce no longer rich in like the 1940's and becomes a detective.

Batman Year 100: Batman is still somehow around 100 years later. All the police evidence (voice, handwriting,video) points to it being the same man all those years. Gordon's son is commissioner and jokes about how they used to have "super villains". The art is HORRIBLE.

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