Life 'not as we know it' possible on Saturn's moon Titan

that "not as we know it" as though we'd be capable of understanding it, even if we could prove it. Hey guess what. Dogs aren't intelligent. Neither are dolphins. Speak their own languages? We all have different ancestors. I mean humans.

I speak the Language I do because I was born with it. It has it's own dialect... but so do the germans... But more accurately, the Chinese and the Japanese. Kanji? and.. sanji? Think about mandarin. You say the people of europe, in English, speak different languages? (think of how small their borders in Europe are) How large is china? And how about the rest of the Asians? Americans? We have our own language, but Boisy and speaking it. I'm not an Idahoan. An Idohoian? I'm neither. I am a Texan American, currently living in Kansan.

Life as we know it, you maybe don't even understand the point of this ramble. I'm angry? I'm anger. wrath incarnate. But I am happy, most of the time, but just when I am ... happy. watht? WAT? WHAT?

I speak in anger, not german, but mine is what's mine, and mine is what's not. not mine? Mine language aint german!.

Okay so, to some up for the weak minded. If you can understand my thoughts as I said them, you can understand life, as I haven't known it before. But, I could try to sound in a way that you might, I mean, I am speaking American from texas, now Canadian English. (I know some Canadians, and well, I know a few Texans... I know one in particular (Texan who hares Canadians) and I know a Canadian (in particular) that doesn't know german... (he isn't angry)

I'm speaking in nonsense because thoughts change on a moment. But English, and American, are my 2 native languages, but dialect, and frenchy, Japanesy, China, and india. Russian or canadian, although they sometimes speak French again.

Tl;dr should you not want to I'm drunk. But what I said was the truth as I've known it.

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