[lifestyle] The more I cut down and free up time, the more I realise I don't actually have any hobbies

You've received a lot of fantastic advice here, but if you want more I will add my two cents. I've been in your shoes, many times. I get sooooo bored so easily with most hobbies. Or, it just seems like way more work than reward to do something. It can be difficult to find what you enjoy, especially since everything requires some sort of sacrifice. Like you, I cleared my slate and came up empty. You already seem to know that getting outside helps hugely. You don't need to climb a mountain when a leisurely stroll in the park will do. When looking for a hobby, don't focus on the end result. Thats the big mistake I did way too many times. Also, loving the process alone is not really enough for a goal oriented person. The activity feels pointless. The real trick is to find a fun process that has an attached goal. Probably in that order but it can also be mashed around a bit. For me, I love cartoons and comics. I didn't really think of those as fitting hobbies for a woman in her thirties, so neglected to even look at them. Instead, I pursued career or self improvement oriented hobbies. They all sucked. So I took some time out from hobbies, and just let my brain rot in idle pleasures. That path has led me to learning to draw (I still really suck ass) and write ( also currently sucktastic) so that I can eventually make my own comics. It's process after process that I am enjoying immensely. The end goal will take years, because I am a harsh self-critic when it comes to any art, but every day I am elated at discovering something new. There is magic in conveying a mutitude of meanings in pencil scratches. I would never have known this pleasure if I had not indulged in idleness.

Tl;dr: The answer is twofold; get outside (doesn't have to be more complex than a walk), and indulge in whatever idle pleasures take your fancy.

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