Liftoff gentlemen!!

No way of knowing this until we know the day validators can withdraw their stake, and the price on that day.

With us just entering a fully fledged bull market, locking up your ETH for 2 years (+/- some unknown time based on development progress) is a dangerous game to play.

Could be that the price remains the same and you've made $8,600 on your inital 32 ETH (provided the APR remains at 20%, which is highly unlikely), not bad for 2 years of doing nothing.

Could be that the price surges to $10,000 per ETH next year, then falls to $100 per ETH by the time you can withdraw.. you've just lost out on a possible $300,000 AND you've just lost $15,000 on your inital investment. Risky stuff.. and that's not even taking into account issues with the smart contract etc.

Basically you are betting that ETH 2.0 is the future of finance, there will be no major hacks, no major issues with development AND that the price will remain stable/rise for the next 2 years until you can withdraw.

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