In light of the recent spoiler..

How can a group of strangers from a subreddit sleuth and investigate the contestants better than a multi billionaire company with all the technology and resources available to them??

I just don't understand how a company so rich and powerful can't for fucks sake perform actual background checks on these people? how the hell did they allow someone so blatantly privileged and ignorant be part of the so called Bachelor New Age ABC is trying to promote, nonetheless, be part of the group of women for the first black bachelor, ever?

If I were working for ABC I would actually start recruiting people on r/thebachelor. This is beyond ridiculous and only supports the theory that the producers purposely cast people like Rachael for the ratings.

After what they did to Rachael by keeping Lee around, I could've sworn nothing like that would be allowed ever again. ABC truly are evil geniuses...

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