Like they say “it is hard to fix stupid”

And while we are on that topic. . .

There is the saying that hindsight is 20:20. However, where is this hindsight from every U.S. Citizen? Why does Trump, despite his barbarism, continue to have a fair amount of support? At what point does a voter’s intelligence come into consideration? And, I’m not speaking of an Einstein-type intelligence. I’m speaking of the type of intelligence where someone points at a clearly green object and tells you it is blue, and you are an intelligent enough person to know that, despite what you are being told, the object is truly green vs. blue. Because, this is what I see with Trump all the time. He is telling everyone the truly green object is blue, and a whole boatload of voters, despite their, I presume, 20:20 vision, still go ahead and agree with him that is blue. Something else is going on.

So, you have 1,000s of media sources saying it is green. It is green! And a couple of media or rag stations saying, “Oh, no! It is blue,” and then you have about 1/3 of the voting population agreeing with those media/ rags and their charismatic leader that it is indeed blue. Again, despite the fact that anyone should be able to see with their own eyes that it is green!

This is why supporting Trump (or not) is NOT a political issue. It is an issue of a type of intelligence. It is an issue of truth — being able to see the truth and recognize it for what it is, especially when it is right in front of you. It is being able to see green and know it is green vs., despite what your own eyes are telling you, giving in to believing it is blue simply because someone “special” tells you it is blue.

That is why, for instance, we have so many Trump supporters following Trump’s medical advice vs. the advice of thousands whom, unlike Trump, truly possess real medical know-how. That is why we have so many Trump supporters hanging on every word of one or two “news” stations or a few conservative journals, believing everything they say is pretty much 100% true, while at the same time believing thousands, literally thousands of other news stations and historically-proven reliable journalistic resources are close to 100% false.

“Most people do not realize that a cult does not necessarily have to be a religion. It could also be a political group, business, or lifestyle cult.”

Trump’s followers will not readily change their minds any more than Rev. Jim Jones, or David Koresh, or Heaven Gate followers did or were able to. At this point, what they need, quite literally, is to be deprogrammed. Not an easy task.

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