Like my status if this girl is better off dating me instead of her loser husband.

It's really interesting. I feel like some uncle did the "I stole your nose!" trick, and there's 20 peers running around in panic, some sobbing, some running to their mom to report the violation, and I'm the only one just standing there, staring in amazement, like, is this real life? You really think he has your nose? You're really crying? I'm so confused.

It illustrates one reason why I have troubles with social stuff. If you are the only one standing, the others notice, and think you're a freak. If you say something, in opposition, like you did, you're attacked, like how your comment is negative points. You can be the only one seeing the obvious, and yet, be punished for that.

Then the other side of it is, if you're the one who stole the nose, the reaction of the majority in a panic can result in you being punished. Next thing you know, the parents can all be running in attacking you for stealing a nose, and you can be stunned, like, really? "You're banned from attending any more parties, you evil nose thief!"

What world is this.

The ironic thing is, that very phenomenon is a big motivation for why people instigate and tease like this. If you're the only one standing, you become isolated from the peers running around in a panic. Then you feel lonely. You can't participate in what they're doing, because even if you try, it's fake, and that makes it unfulfilling, and exhausting. Eventually you give up, and are all alone, even when surrounded by people. To ease the loneliness, you need some form of attention and interaction from people. So you pretend to steal a nose. For a moment, everyone is reacting with you, but where you don't have to pretend; you know you didn't steal a nose, so it's genuine for you, but they don't know that. They really believe it.

A guy like that, in this screenshot, could know he's never going to be married. He'll never have a woman like that. Someone could actually post something like that, purely just for self-entertainment, where for a brief moment, he has the attention of her. He's not being real, he's pretending to steal her nose. He knows it's all nonsense, and not going to make friends. But he can't make friends. This is his only source of socialization. Teasing chimpanzees, because he can't relate with them as peers.

Then it gets posted here, and the chimps go wild. "He stole her nose!"

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