Do you "look like" someone who works out? What is your relationship with "looking the part"? I am interested in your stories.

I've been told I look like an athlete by non-athletic people, which is hilarious because I am completely new to fitness and I've never played a sport in my 30 years of life. I just happen to be a nearly 6ft tall woman who watches what she eats; the very definition of "skinny fat." Anyone with an interest in fitness would recognize that I'm not fit in the slightest (yet) but because I'm a healthy weight, far too many sedentary people assume I must workout all the time. This actually puts me in a lot of awkward situations. Coworkers who overhear my fitness goals want to know why I work out when I'm already thin (as if weight loss is the only reason to exercise). Family members express concern because they think my basic 10K steps per day goal is somehow "over doing it" and that I'll lose too much weight just from walking. Any attempts to explain that my size is due to how much I eat, not how much I move, and that my focus is on building some level of functional fitness and health, not my weight or "aesthetics" falls on deaf ears. Like yes, I do have some aesthetic goals and I do want to "look the part" but that's not the most important thing to me. I wish more people in my life understood that. I also wish there wasn't so much fitness and nutrition misinformation flying around out there. If my social circle is any indication, diet culture has done quite a number on our society.

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