Likely scam alert: 'macti ti' on Amazon

It seems like people are a little paranoid AND don't quite understand international trade and marketing. While there's definitely scammers online Amazon is pretty good about weeding them out. Here's several reasons why something might NOT be a scam: Regional pricing; sometimes items sell for a lot less in certain parts of the world due to the fact that the citizens there make far less money than they do in other parts of the world. Do people in America really believe people in Estonia pay the same price to go see a movie? Also think about where you're product is coming from. China. If you make 10,000 smart phones in China to sell to America and America only wants 5,000 what do you do with the other 5,000? Sell it at a reduced price and still make a profit sense your labor costs are insanely cheap. Also remember that these types of sellers are buying from all over the world and selling through Amazon. This means they're able to not only take advantage of regional pricing they're also able to take advantages of overstocks. Not everyone wants to have 10,000 copies of Pandemic: Legacy sitting in their warehouses waiting for demand to go up. They're better off dumping those copies on onto a Chinese retailer for pennies on the dollar so they can free up valuable space and still make at least something off of them.

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