Lil Uzi Vert Pierced His Forehead With a $24 Million Pink Diamond

I hate that people call these artists :( I love his music too, but a real artist imo would be standing up for the little people that have nothing. Actions speak louder then words :( all of us bust our ass just to pay rent and the phone bill (at least in michigan in buttfuck no where). It’s a treat just to go shopping at the mall to me. And I still get called selfish. Life sucks when this capitalism sucks the souls out of the working class. Yessssss talent comes from a lot of dedication, but no one deserves that kind of wasted income. THE SYSTEM MAKES NO SENSE. A majority are trapped in debt, work 100000x harder and get shit on seeing this. Stop bragging about getting the bag, ur not hustling at all, quit lying.

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