This line from Mad Men reminds me how dialogue really works

I take your meaning, but trying to turn the immaturity back on me for virtue signaling is an interesting choice to me. I promise I'm not, or at least not meaning to. Like you said, there's no reason for it on an anonymous forum, and it's gotten me mostly downvotes anyway. But on top of that, even if I were virtue signaling, the argument that that's immature is a tough one to make. I don't think I've ever seen anyone under the age of 14 or so virtue signal. Not to say that 14-year-olds are mature, but if we're slinging accusations of immaturity and I'm charging you with "blindly defending a thing you like" and you're countering with "virtue signaling," I just think "blindly defending a thing you like" is a more childish thing to do.

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