The list of cheap bullshit in this game that ruins this games great potential

I'm not certain if you're exaggerating or if you modded your difficulty up in any way? I've always managed to force plenty of enemies to waste their turns just moving into position, and I definitely don't recall them hitting that many times in one turn without using adrenaline, flesh sacrifice and haste, which are also available to players to use.

Some enemies do get unfair skills to use on players, like scarecrows having that unique rock throw skill that recharges every turn or Murga's "Nimble Leap", which is backlash on a 1 turn cooldown.

On the other hand, players have semi-unique access to source skills. And source is devastating.

Is there a specific instance of an enemy attacking you 3 times after walking 100 metres? You can also use Loremaster to check an enemy's stats to see their skill levels. Points in Scoundrel increase the efficiency of movement while talents like Pawn give you free movement AP.

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