List of Commonly Underdeveloped Muscles At BUD/S

I’m going to suggest the two most important items here are the rotator cuff and hamstrings. If you hit your basic push/pull upper body exercises most of the stuff on this list will be good assuming you don’t over train and have decent mechanics. Do some reverse lunges, Romanian deadlifts and GHD hip extensions for hammies. Squats and deadlifts will help but most people have dominate quads and if your hamstrings are particularly weak they’ll only get weaker bc your quads are/have been compensating for them. Pro tip: when you target the hammies, it’s not uncommon to feel discomfort because usually the stronger they get, the tighter they get. Stretching is not a form of treatment but prevention and maintenance. You don’t stretch when your injured or hurt but to prevent that. So when you notice overcompensation of muscles groups as a result of pain and discomfort and when your inflexibility hinders performance and movement it’s something to look into. Before everyone gets a hard on and starts railing off how bad stretching is the disclaimer here is for the sake of MAINTENANCE AND PREVENTION. You don’t need to stretch 5 days a week for 20 minutes but on your off days or maybe two days a week. Please do your research on .edu and .org and scholarly journal entries. Not or

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