List of predictions made by twitch psychic regarding James Charles

So I agree with you, I just also want to point out the magic of cold reading here by going down the "Incorrect predictions"

  1. Depending on how things play out this could still be a net benefit to both parties. It's possible James Charles rebounds, or it could be argued that learning what he's done is wrong is a huge benefit to him.
  2. I don't think this is necessarily incorrect, probably not possible to prove though.
  3. Got me here.
  4. And here.
  5. Honestly I think everyone will forgive him eventually, this could be seen in a more long term lens too.
  6. And here.
  7. This one can be seen as true too, had he just endorsed his friend's vitamin line rather than the other offer he got this wouldn't have happened. It can be argued that this is overly ambitious, and the "real" cause of this disaster in a way.
  8. Got me here.
  9. And here, though honestly this sounds surprisingly similar to the controversy. It could just be said the psychic "misinterpreted the signs" easily.
  10. And here, though this is fairly similar.

My point here is not to say that psychics are great, though I think there are interesting discussions to be had here. It's actually to point out that none of this will actually prove anything wrong to people who believe these psychics, since a lot of the claims can be interpreted as true, or as the psychic misreading the signs they were given. Now we all know this is just cold reading, and I'd also like to point out that all of the obviously false predictions made were also the least vague ones.

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