Listen John, your abortion policy is shit but we've got a Big Fucking Tent

Trump is a universally bad candidate. He beat Hillary because he took control of these wedge issues.

Actually because of racial resentment and comey.

I think Trump would beat Biden if coronavirus didn't happen and the stock market was stable.

Polls don't support that; biden was leading even before then.

Now Biden will win but we can't count on republicans nominating trump all the time.

Or Romney. Or McCain. Lol.

The point is that Biden knows how to compromise and never fell prey to purity tests.

He's literally failing your own purity test to give up guns and abortion.

Also I don't claim that Democrats can't win presidencies.

Just implying it over and over.

I'm saying that we used to handily win house/senate/governorships easily in the mid to late 20th century

Republicans were literally on an unstoppable winning streak until Bill Clinton. The way you brazenly lie and rewrite history is very Republican-esque.

but now Republicans have a majority of governorships, senate, and state legislations because we abandoned open-tent principles.

No evidence supports that claim.

Clinton supported "safe, legal, and rare" and many religious left-leaning people can tolerate this proposal.

This is a remark, not a policy position. Earlier you claimed roe needed to be overturned and let states decide. Now you're backtracking to a slogan.

This is why no one trusts your claims because you Motte and Bailey every argument. You couldn't defend overturning roe, so now you change to this.

Gun control polls are always flawed because most people commenting on gun control, don't know anything about guns and the processes to buy a gun.

Most gun owners don't seem to know statistics, responsibility, or the nuances of public policy.

It took me over a month to get my own gun.

Exhibit A.

Biden will get trounced in the midterms if he reintroduces the AWB as this issue has become much more polarized since then.

No he won't; 10x more non-gun owners than gun owners.

Historical data shows the US usually swings to the opposing party during a midterm election and also the reason Democrats won is because they stopped gerrymandering in many districts .

That doesn't contradict the data that Democrats largely won off of anti-gun sentiment. The public polls, NRA candidate losses, and gun control referendums prove that.

Conor Lamb won in PA because he championed gun ownership and downplayed his pro-choice views.

Op-ed, not a statistical analysis. Also, don't cherry pick for examples; it hasn't worked for your narrative so far.

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