Kind of all over the place, but it remains some good food-for-thought. I appreciate your input on it, having the take of it not being for you but you can still see the purpose.

I'm a Christian, although I'm admittedly conflicted on it. I am because my parents are, and they're much smarter and just better people in general than I am, so might as well. Either God is real and I made a good choice trusting in him, or he isn't and believing in it still helped me to live a better life. Even if some cherry picking is needed to accomplish that. I still truly can't decide if cherry picking discredits everything else - does it all go together or is it ok if some of it goes away over the years? I dunno, and that question probably can't be answered definitively.

I also (kinda sadly) agree with your point on selflessness. I'm a generally nice person, I don't like to argue and I'm decently giving, but it makes me feel good. In the grand scheme of things, I do it for me. But does that take away the meaning of it? I don't really think so. My reply was all over the place as well...figured I'd make it match.

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