Literally anyone supporting Trump at this point

Yeah, Like i wasn't trying to normalize his xenophobia or anything. I meant more like all people i know in that 75+ age group have some inherent racism, sexism or xenophobia, but its most likely a result of their formative years in the 40s-60s. When You look past that surface level xenophobicness, most people seem to have some good underneath.

While I hated trump ever since I saw him in Home Alone, I was willing to try to ignore his ridiulous racism and xenophobia that the US I guess finds ok, and see if there is any good in him. There's not. Overt racism aside, I meant more his threatening to not leave office, demanding hes in office 12 years, adamant refusal of climate change, directly contradicting scientists to their faces about illnesses when he is a known antivaxxer, paris climate withdrawal, green deal withdrawal, unemployment, inheriting a growing economy (thanks to Obama) and claimining it, the blatant foreign interference to him and his party, him citing "do nothing democrats" for racist rallies while it is linked back to him, the list goes on.

Democrats arent really any better, but at least they tend to have decent human kindness to them. 3rd party guys seem to have good ideas and morals but never the following to get real tration for them.

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