Literally lost for words

Sometimes that just means it's not the right relationship for you. Sucks. Made it to almost the end of medical school in one relationship. Broke up because I was always gone, and I was always going to be moving (yaaay military - also why the OP image has me goin... "uhhh do I know this guy, that's right next to a hospital I've spent a lot of time at and looks kinda like our scrubs...").

Sometimes people just can't come with you and it's not the type of relationship that can handle that. Just gotta find the right one. Now got a great SO who understands my intermittently shitty hours, we've gone in eyes wide open to the potential moving and how that plays out. Exciting to be able to go to new places and stories and my excitement over my career path seems to make it something that is understandable.

At times, just takes getting through the shitty high stress part of your life, sometimes it takes the right person to put up with the shitty high stress parts of life with you, that's not everyone, as you've discovered.

Sorry you had to discover it with that relationship. Sucks, and hope you're doin okay! Keep your chin up, keep working toward those goals, and with any luck, you'll find the person who will understand and be invested in it with you!

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