I have literally never killed Fatalis with a group of any kind, especially with random. Why is legit everyone so dogshit at this game

Don’t even get me STARTED on fucking Alatreon dude.

That was the initial descent into my current perma aneurism state.

The amount of fucking lightbreak weapons with masters touch sets people would bring in to do 0 damage and die instantaneously to ice was a fucking nightmare.

After like 25 failed group hunts I solod it with frost fang Barioth insect glaive with fire kinsect in like 22 minutes and decided to never hunt in groups again until clearing fatalis and starting what I’ve explained above.

Dogshit fucking tards with no god damn common sense or willingness to change or adapt. Must be a bunch of fucking Trump supporters on this god damn game with too much “MERICA PRIDE YOU AINT TELIM ME HOW TER DO SHET BOY” fucking shit attitudes.

God damn ape people just throwing their face into a brick wall over and over again hoping somehow someone just carries them through everything. Makes me want to throw up on my pecker right now thinking back to Alatreon FUCK

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