Litterbug busted

Not advocating for the guy, but just showing different point of view. It's ridicious you have to pay to get rid of trash, it only encourages this behavior. In EU It's free. No matter if It's big appliances, electronics, plastic, metal, random trash. All free to dump at recycling facility.

We grew incredibely broke in Seattle, moving to a weekly motel before we could pick ourselves up and literally, every single dump in the city&surburbs charged 30$ per car entrance into the recycling yard. There was also no general dump, It was the only option, I googled extensively. 30$ was something we absolutely did not have, given that we needed 2 carloads anyway. We ended up having to dump it illegaly. We did our best to at least leave it by big dumpsters... But I still don't feel good about it, but the only other option at a time was leaving it to the landlord...

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