Little dicks

One of my second cousins throughout my childhood was a total dick himself. His brother was super passive, I guess cause his brother was such a brat. He literally took a shovel and hit his little brother in the face with it because he was mad over some little minor thing. The little brother has a massive scar across his mishapen nose now forever.

He stayed the night a few times in our room. I have 3 brothers so now that's 5 boys in a room. In Florida. We sleep with a big fan going. Which, of course you would here. He would always whine and cry because of it. He kept us up intentionally for 3 hours while we're arguing with him to just shut the fuck up and go to sleep because it's not going off and us alternating between getting up and down to turn the fan back on.

Eventually my mom heard him, took him into their room while they turned off their fan to sweat it out overnight due to him.

I would've made him sleep on the couch in the living room.

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