A little upset over my birthday

I sent him message earlier right after posting this. I just calmy stated my feeling were a little hurt and also stated I didnt want to make it a big deal at the time or still didnt want to majr it a big deal. I reassured him it was nice to see him and that I loved him. I recieved a messaged from him a few hours afterwards and he said he was getting something.

We chose this weekend two months ago because it was right before my birthday and we knew we couldnt see each other on my birthday. We usually have great communication and this actually the first ldr that has worked thus far for me because we have great communication. I guess I didnt want to ruining my short period of time with him by bringing it up right there and then. So it is partially my fault that i was a little upset because i didnt communicate right then what i was thinkung.

I honestly thought should I feel upset over not getting anything, when he bought a secret santa thing for work. I dont think of myself as selfish person, but I was upset for once in my life for not getting anything. Maybe I wouldn't have cared about it if it wasnt for the fact that he did get something for the guy at his camp.

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