Live action movie based on player input

Movie adaptations of video games are almost universally shitty for a reason. In the game, you spend 20-30 hours learning about the characters' and forming emotional bonds; trying to condense that much context into 2 hours results in a bland story with flat characters. And if you argue that the movie is only for die-hard fans that already know the characters, then you've severely limited the prospective audience which means the studio isn't going to allocate as much funding for the film and you end up with a sub-par script, acting, visual effects, etc.

There's also the matter of viewer/player input; part of what makes interactive media like Detroit so compelling is the interactive aspect. It makes it feel like you're part of the game, like it's real life. Movies don't have that, so they have to rely on character development to get the audience emotionally invested which goes back to trying to condense 20+ hours of plot development into 2 hours. I'm not saying this can't be done, but it isn't easy and would likely require extensive changes to the story-line and at this point, you have to ask yourself, "is it really still Detroit if the whole story is changed?"

At the end of the day, the story of Detroit: Become Human has been told (and told well). I don't particularly see how the experience can be improved by adapting the story as it stands for the big screen.

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