You continuously bring up people that has made no content on you for weeks until the day you and rainbow called law enforcement on people after YOU attacked them! What happened to “if she would stop talking about me” …. But you think the hate on M is so strong ppl welcome your tantrums. WRONG, it’s pathetic and now boring as shit! And now that Ella is grabbing peoples attention and handling your lies with a little more class than before it’s pissing you off! We don’t believe everything Ella says but she gives us something to laugh about! The fact you have to show us your vehicles to prove a point is nothing short of you bragging about material things you own. No one fucking cares!!!!!! How about starting a “get organized with me and Sage” channel or a “how to raise your kids according to your SM bff” starring Sageypoo. You know your bestie who’s own children needs more of her attention then YouTube drama. Example: vapes in school lockers, drug raid at school, sleeping with boyfriend underage, not trusted to ride school bus… etc…. BUT she’s a great role model for your offsprings. Ugh! You two are the worst of the worst and should just join together with Ashley and get it over with! You three deserve each other!

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