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My dad passed away March 28th of this year.

I'm 23 and he was 63.

He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the liver. He fought strong and he was surrounded by friends and family on his death bed.

Some days are hard. He was gone for 3 months in mexico doing stem cell research. We rushed him to the states after he started retaining water. I only saw him twice before he couldn't respond to us anymore. The night they arrived from the airport and the morning I went to work.

You can't let anything stay in. Cry with your family if you guys are close. Talk about your regrets and emotions with them.

Let everything out. It is normal to feel depressed, angry, and upset about the whole situation.

But also work on accepting it.

My father will never meet my kids. But he did get to meet my sisters. He was loved by everyone.

He was ment to be with me for a certain amount of time and I will honor his memories and lessons by trying to be someone greater then he was.

You learn how to live with this sadness. It gets easier to take the waves of sadness.

I miss him so much.

But I know he'd want me learning from this whole situation.

I'm happy knowing he isnt suffering anymore. I'm happy that he is at rest and he knew that we loved him and that he was a great father to us.

Sometimes I forget he's gone until i get home and i dont hear his laugh.

But my support system has been my family.

If you need to vent it out you should.

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