Live fast di...abetes.

I'm a type 1, I always get annoyed when people talk about Type 2 (which I also feel only obesity related T2D should be called, and the others, besides T1D autoimmune, should be given their own representation in the diabetes discussions in the media, but that's a digression I'll avoid) and it not being the fault of the person. I have to bite my tongue to avoid saying "No bitch, MY diabetes isn't my fault, they can get rid of theirs, if I could lose 50-100 lbs and not be a diabetic, I'd be on that shit like a fucking shipwrekced anorexic... but alas, people want to minimize the damage people do to their own bodies which is why so many KEEP doing it.

All that said, T1D, 25yrs, absolutely no peripheral nerve damage (this by the way is a horrible test, they taze you over and over in the legs, then stick needles into your nerves to listen to the sound they make...not fun) , last A1C 4.8. I'm glad you got past it without falling into the trap of it not being your fault and lacking fault, believing that there is nothing you can do. Cos a lot of people seem to think that way and it is pure bullshit. Granted some T2Ds are not "T2" per se, and are rather LADA (and for fucks sake, do not call it T1.5, that shit is stupid, it is Type 1 with a longer term failure because it comes on as the px is older, and takes a bit longer than it does for a kid, so early treatment can use the PO meds that they give T2s, but that doesn't last long, also it is not at all obesity related, it's just type 1 autoimmune with a different presentation), Monogenic (about 4 types with 4 different presentations and treatment options, not obesity related, not type 1, not type 2...,each varying enough to warrant their own names, which I don't know, but they're usually called something like Monogenic Diabetes G1 or whatever, where G is a gene name and 1 is the occasional gene numbers they use, being monogenic, it is caused by a single gene mutation. There's a couple others that I'm not sure of, but that's probably cos they lack the mention and kind of hard to find with all the T1 / T2 stuff that pops up when searching, any search for types of diabetes results ni 1000s of pages discussing only t1 and t2. occasionaly the shit named 1.5 (LADA, Latent autoimmune diabetes of adults , aka you have the same shit type 1s have, except it didn't appear until the person was older...) meh, /rant, sorry, I always get a bit annoyed discussing this stuff.

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