Live RAW Discussion Thread - 12/29/14

I still like my idea.. Crazy as it is. But DB wins the rumble. Brock beats cena, annhiliates him again just like before. The weeks following up to WM everyone questions how in the world DB will beat brock when cena couldnt. Cena continues on a losing streak, clean losing streak at that. WM comes, DB starts the match with quickness, kicks, quick strikes, moving out of the way of anything brock throws at him. But then eventually brock starts taking over, overpowering the smaller man. Picks DB up for the f5, and BOOM it goes dark. Standing in front of brock is the undertaker, tombstone in the center of the ring as revenge for his streak being beat and being bragged about for the year between shows. DB takes the win realizing its the best opportunity hes going to get to beat such a beast of a man. Yes chants galore, everyone going crazy. The following night on Raw begins with DB coming out yes chants all over the place. Gets into the ring but before he can start talking Cena's music hits. He comes down, gets in the ring and grabs the mic. Starts talking how DB did what he couldnt, Cena tried over and over and couldnt capture the gold from the monster that is brock but DB found a way. Cena extends his hand to DB, DB looks around at the crowd and extends his hand back only to be propped up for the FU and then boom Cena drops DB. The crowd is stunned. Cena removes his newest fruity pebbled color tshirt to reveal a darker colored shirt with a darker "do anything to get a win" type motto on it. Picks up the mic and states something along the lines of "Im sick and tired of losing for these past few months then a pip squeak like this comes in and does what i couldnt. I have one thing left in my arsenal though long pause I am bringing back the authority, who i will lead. Tonight DB will be in a gauntlet of matches (some heavy hitting, gnarly opponents. ) with the final being a championship match against me" And thus HEEL CENA IS BORN!

Sorry ive had that on my mind for awhile..

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