Live WWE Smackdown Discussion Thread - October 25th, 2019

I’m well aware that Raw, after the draft, became in my opinion the wrestle-centric show. And Smackdown is most likely, despite some great talent, is probably intended to be the “entertainment” show. Unfortunately I haven’t seen this on the blue brand. It seems like there is so many things going on, some of which is stupid, some of which is ok, but most of all I just don’t feel invested in most of it. Prior to the Fox move we saw some fantastic entertaining matches like Bryan-Murphy, Reigns-Murphy, Elias-Ali, and there was some good superstar building matches in the KOTR. I just don’t feel that they have the wherewithal to book compelling entertainment on a consistent basis for the network audience. How many viewers are you gonna draw in to see Lesnar-Velasquez in a “scripted” match?Same thing with Fury-Strowman, this isn’t the height of Tyson’s fame in the attitude era. Boxing while I’m still a fan of isn’t as popular as it once was. How many new “fans” are gonna tune in to see that? You can only use legends for so long before the novelty becomes stale. This is the primary indictment on WWE. Their inability to create new and compelling stars, Their inability to craft storylines that engage an audience beyond a few weeks, and last bust certainly not least the inability to adapt to the audiences support (Bray). This is in spite of at the actually entertaining shows on Wednesday you know the ones. I feel like it’s so simple to change for the better, but alas despite my pleas, it’s unlikely to happen.

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