Liver cirrhosis and ascites

I was some what hesitant to reply, not because I didn't know what to say, or what you can expect, but please know everyone is different. My sister had this same issue. She was admitted to the hospital on October 19th with acute liver failure and fluid on her abdomen. She was jaundice, and felt sick when she drank. We took her to the hospital to have her medically detoxed. While she was 37, she was young, but had also been battling anorexia as well. While in the hospital she was very weak, she'd have good days and bad days, one night she aspirated on a pill and was admitted to the ICU because any fluid in the lungs, no matter how small the amount, is considered pneumonia. While there, she was given antibiotics, which led to elevated kidney levels. Her liver team would perform paracentesis every other day taking anywhere from 2-4 liters. Her ammonia levels in her blood would fluctuate, and she was given lactalose. Her team of doctors suggested dialysis to help filter her blood because of the lacking liver function, and her kidneys were being over worked, so they said dialysis would help. After her 5th dialysis session, they needed to stop because her blood pressure was getting dangerously low. The next day, they informed me and my mom that my sister had not produced urine in over 5 days, which means, kidney failure. It was then up to me and my mom to decide what to do next. Transplant is not even considered for an alcoholic with out at least 6 months of sobriety, testing, rehab, then they start the process for transplant. My sister was too weak, too sick, and wouldn't be able to last the 6 months to begin the process. The team of doctors gave my sister 2 to 7 days at the point of our meeting. That was the day before Thanksgiving. Being young and stubborn, she lasted until December 6th. Out of ways to pass, kidney failure is the least painful way for someone to die. Liver failure is painful, and messy, and is mentally damaging to one's family (I, too, witnessed that, my step dad contracted hep-c and I saw what happened when passing away from liver failure). My sister just fell asleep, and was finally at peace. No longer in any pain, emotionally and the pain of liver failure. I hope this is not the case for your father, and some people can come out on top. Good luck, and if you need any other help, I am here.

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