Liverpool's best start to a season in their 126-year history (WWWWWWDDWWDWWWW)

Ah, never mind. I thought you meant an exciting title race.

Well, yeah, the difference between the top 6 and the other teams is getting bigger each year, I feel. It's quite worrying, in my opinion. But then again, the mid-table teams also get more than enough TV money to build a team with it. But then you see what Everton did last season and Fulham this year and you just think like: "Really?" I think Everton are doing a better job now though and their results don't yet reflect what they can achieve. Bournemouth is doing well too, but they may crash later in the season because of a lack of squad depth or injuries. All the other teams are just... Iffy, I guess? Expected a lot more from West Ham.

City has crazy depth as well, so they can constantly give their top players the rest they need and have another top player play instead. It's insane when you realize Bernardo Silva is normally on the bench. Liverpool is getting there too, Shaqiri was a brilliant signing.

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