Living in the Melbourne/Palm Bay area, How can I find someone to pay to put up/take down my hurricane shutters?

Again, don't interject if you can't read.

I said that Matthew and Irma were Cat 5s that did almost no damage and this storm is significantly weaker than them. He posted "damage" from Irma. None of the damage was on the level he himself was stating was going to happen with Ian, despite Irma being stronger.

I used hyperbole in stating that Irma was a Cat 5 storm. Because, at one point, it was. This storm will not hit Cat 5 by any current projection. He then claimed that Irma "hit" us, which is hyperbole; it didn't, it passed hundred of miles west of us, just like Ian is slated to.

You clearly don't understand how the conversation went, so please stop trying to interject in it.

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