Liz sucks

She is exactly on point.

We knew (s1e1) she has narcissistic tendency.

Severe depression (s5e9?)

Psychotic symptoms (s5e22) with Tom = visual hallucination

Liz has lived through incredible turmoil - kidnappings, murders, betrayal, fugitive, exonerated etc etc. Her path is frightening over 5 seasons.

They intend to counterpoint Liz s4e22 = happy, comfortable knowing Red is her dad ......

; ...... with Liz s5e22 = mad Liz in full fury, betrayal, masochistic (?), psychotic

You would hope that viewers will give Boone the benefit of doubt

But they won't because she's playing Liz perfectly. She hateable, foul and loathsome towards Red.

We love Red ..... so we hate Liz !

(perfect acting . Just imo)

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