Liz Truss: The PM “has apologised, I think we now need to move on”

A lot of people are absolute mugs. A lot of people are just not great people and just see these actions as something they'd do in the same position if given the chance. A lot of people take no notice in politics for various reasons and don't actually know what they should be angry about to forgive in the first place. A lot of people are stupid enough to think their gesture for voting for the green party is more important that removing one of the most corrupt governments the UK has ever had. A lot of people are selfish enough to forgive any actions done by the Tory party as long as their policies benefit them. Some are willing to vote Tory regardless, or waste their vote on something else, just to stick it to Labour because they are currently upset with them not being an extreme left wing party.

People are absolute mugs when it comes to politics, and this is why we are currently being lead around by Boris Johnson(as if that was ever a fucking good idea) And although not likely still Boris, are more than likely going to be lead around by the Tories again next election.

This is all just minor outrage, mark my words.

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