We’ll be announcing the release date for #Boneworks in 20 hours via a new gameplay trailer on Steam and the ‘BrandonJLa’ channel on YouTube! 10am PST, 6.5 minutes!

What got me into VR was a sale on newegg.ca for a Oculus Go for 149.99 cad. It was an impulse buy because I heard about ALVR and figured that was a great price to try VR and even stream PC games. The same night I got the Go I ordered a CV1 because it was an amazing experience my first time with VR. The Cv1 ended up being defective and having a line of dead pixels. I then returned it and got an Odyseey+. I hated the bad tracking and it made me motion sick unlike the CV1 and returned it. I then preorder a Rift S and have been a VR enthusiast ever since and even bought a Quest too just for beat saver workouts.

It took a 149.99$ cad sale to get me into VR last year. Good games and the low price of the Quest/Rift will continue to bring more people in.

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