I think we’ll be here longer than you guys think... And the rich will survive

The rich may have the resources in place to survive physically, but none of them will survive mentally/emotionally. When it comes to survival, the rich are the poorest prepared.

These sociopaths are all about being better and richer than everyone else. And they desperately try to prove it every day, to get that validation and feel good about their lives. Right now they spend their days buying the nicest homes, cars, vacations, clothes, jewelry, gadgets, and all kinds of "stuff," and they make sure all their "friends" know about it all. These things are the only things rich sociopaths value; they don't value life.

After collapse, they'll be forced (for safety) to hole up in a fortress somewhere where they'll have none of that. Everything they live for will be gone. All they'll have is hour after hour after day after day of doing nothing but sitting there and smelling themselves. And in no time they'll realize how god-awful they stink, and will all eat a gun barrel to put themselves out of their misery.

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