I’ll probably be single forever because of my libido.

I just wanted to offer a different perspective, hoping not to insult!

I was in a similar situation with feelings much like yours. I don’t know your medical history or if you are on any form of birth control, but for me, once I stopped using my hormonal birth control, my libido came back and sex was actually pleasurable again. I went years with it just getting worse and worse and my general mood declining as well until I stopped taking it.

I went about 2 years without any form of hormonal birth control and things got so much better. Just recently I spoke with my doctor about trying the pill again, and it almost immediately went back to how it was before, not wanting anything to do with sex.

As a disclaimer, I was in a long term relationship with my husband so I wasn’t as worried about not being on some form of birth control and we did use other protection.

Just wanted to offer another thought in to this for you or maybe someone else who is having similar problems. I really hope you are able to find a solution for yourself, whatever that may be.

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