We’ll there’s the third year of no White Sox games for me. Rant.

I don’t blame you for doing what’s best for your family but I think coming into the sub that you have never participated in until today, going “maybe I should switch to the Diamondbacks or raise my sons to be D-back fans” (when you can easily root for both and participate in both fan communities since they are different leagues with no rivalry anyways) and questioning your loyalty is what irks me about this post. MLB and the shitty owners is fumbling the bag with the lockout for sure and it sucks spring training likely isn’t happening for transplant fans in Arizona of every team or was simply out of budget for a lot of folks last year but coming here looking sympathy when we are all suffering and the fans that are local might not get to see them at all when not seeing your team comes with the territory of being an out of town fan is waste time.

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