To get a loan, we need to prove that we don't need it in first place.

I guess it's more to do with your ability to repay.

I don't really need a loan at the moment, but have been trying to get a credit card for the past 6 months with no success because my credit score is currently non existent. I even agreed to let HDFC and Lenddo get access to my emails so they can read my emails and determine my credit worthiness and even that failed. I don't blane them, I have a habit of deleting emails and keeping my inbox fairly clean. So they probably weren't able to get much information anyway.

I know people with salaries of 20k who have credit cards only because of the company they work in as opposed to me who earns 3 times that and still doesn't get one.

At this stage, I've given up because the only way to get a card would be to put up an FD with one of the banks and get a card against that to build my credit score before they can give me a card without any collateral.

It's just a flawed system to be honest. You have to take it as it is.

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