The Lobotomist (2008) - The gripping tale of Dr. Walter Freeman, who in 1936 began performing lobotomies as a cure for everything from psychosis to misbehavior in children. The once hailed by the Nobel Committee as a hero of modern medicine would ultimately be labeled a moral monster. [00:53:53]

lol i will admit that we would probably get by just fine without flat-earthers doing their thing. but i think what drives them to their extremes is that when they explore their ideas and try to share their thoughts with people, we treat them like they are stupid and crazy. then we get into all sorts of heated arguments with them. the best way to make a person turn into a zealot is to get them to argue their side in a heated disrespectful debate because it forces them to invest a lot of their ego into it. if everyone just took the time to listen to these people with and open mind and talk to them about it in a respectful way most of them would probably figure out that the earth is a sphere.

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