Local country bakery removes eftpos and goes 'cash only'. Places private ATM in the corner, every transaction incurs a $2.50 fee.

Sure -

As a sole trader I incur around 1.9% for Visa/Master and 2.2% for Amex. Doing around $10k in revenue a month means I’m paying around $200/m in fees. Plus merchant and banking and eftpos fees are another $50/m.

Now I can be American about it; and advertise a low price (coffee for $0.50!), but then add taxes and fees at checkout, and expect a tip; thus pushing the price of coffee to $3; or I can manage expectations and set the price at $3 and not surprise a customer with shit like that, and have them coming back because it’s easy.

Majority of people will always pick the cheapest option in lieu of convenience, and that’s fine.

I just chose convenience for myself and my customers, pay liveable wages, and charge the appropriate fare rather than making the customer feel like they owe me.

Not saying you’re wrong, but it’s two very different mentalities we’re coming from.

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