Local Judge Tweeted, "It’s time to have an American awakening" on January 1st

This does appear to be the personal account for Magisterial District Judge Ron Arnoni, whose district covers Bethel Park and Upper St. Clair, I believe. Back in 2019 it retweeted someone tagging him with a photo while they waited to hang out with Guy Reschenthaler.

It’s probably too vague/dog-whistle-like to spur a whole judicial conduct investigation, but I’d wonder if publicly tweeting stuff like this (and insults at Alec Baldwin/Rob Reiner, for some reason) is just the tip of the iceberg for folks who are actually in his courtroom. I know he had some accusations of trying to make back room deals to smooth his path to a full term five years ago… but that never turned into an official investigation or case.

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