Local Sacramento school district on Fox News today after teacher is recorded by right-wing group for supporting ANTIFA

I find myself in agreement with you. In today's political climate, any signs of politics (even in this subreddit) is met with intense scrutiny such that we're unable to differentiate the politics from the person at heart. It's not racism in its literal sense, but I'd argue that we've gotten dangerous close without outright admitting it. When you can outright hate a person, simply because of their politics, no tolerance, absolute vile rhetoric. Where we're gatekeeping people and accuse them of brigading. What has our nation come to?

I took a mental break from this subreddit over threat from our own moderator /u/PowerWindows85 on this same premise because it's obvious where his politics lies. I can tolerate his politics, but it's clear that he was looking for reasons to ban me over mines.

It's why I can relate to your comment where, while your government teacher is proud of his right-wing beliefs, it doesn't change how you perceived him as a person/professional. It's also why I'm disappointed by the outcome that Natomas USD decided on because all this does is reinforce the belief that you should be afraid to discuss politics.

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