Local/Small Public Firm Rant


  • Lack of structure.
    • I came into this job super green and had to teach myself how to use Caseware, Quickbooks and the other programs they use here.
    • Putting together a procedure manual so the person replacing me will have some direction / guidance
  • Lack of progression targets
    • Haven't had a raise in two years. Still in the CPA program and they're covering my fees, but not even a raise in line with inflation.
    • My two year anniversary with the firm was two weeks ago. The progress report I had to request keeps being pushed further and further.
  • Lack of knowledge about the CPA program
    • My mentor isn't sure if I'm filling out things properly. Relies on me to make and set goals.
    • My manager / mentor isn't managing or mentoring me.

Frankly, I can't wait to write the exam in September and hop to industry.

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